Massage Special For First Time Client

$79/60 minute, $99/90 minute

Early Bird Special 

Tuesday - Friday 10.00AM - 2.00PM 

$69/60 minute, $89/90 minute

HAPPY Mother's Day

$89/60* minute, $139/90* minute

Couples Massage $179/60* minute

( *+15min/Foot Massage)

Massage specials includes your choice of Thai Massage, Thai Swedish Massage Or Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxing Massage


The old saying goes that life is not a bed of roses. It is exceptionally true for every one of us constantly harangued by the daily needs and necessities of life. We always forget to take care of the two most precious vessels that make anything possible, our body and our mind. Here at Srila Thai Massage, we provide the means of letting you be one with your body and soul through one of the best therapeutic Thai massage services to be offered in Virginia. Our the best massage are infused with a blend of holistic and therapeutic healing, a rejuvenating combination of traditional Thai massage with neuromuscular massage, oil massage, reflexology massage, foot massage and therapeutic massage. Along with a host of other unique techniques specially designed to make you feel at bliss. Our massages are serviced by our highly skilled therapeutic practitioners who are dedicated to make your unwanted stress and worries go away.

Our massages are especially beneficial to those who have experienced depression, anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, headache or migraines, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, muscular pain, or post stroke recovery. At Srila Thai Massage, we ensure you nothing less but the best in quality in all spheres of service to be found in Virginia. So remember, if you are in stress and do not feel at rest, come to Thai Massage, Thai massage therapist for we know what is best for your body, mind and soul!


Entrenched in the Indian Ayurvedic medical, Thai Massage is one of many varieties of Oriental framework supported on energy stability theory of fitness and curing. This medical practice works on energy lines that run all through the body. Our main aim is to synchronize the body by loosing power obstacles. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable experts help in performing stretching of different joints, muscles and sinews. To release stress of muscles, pressure is applied on different energy points of the body.


Being a reputed and the best Thai massage Virginia, our main focus is to provide mobility, increase blood flow and enhance litheness. We will make you feel relaxed and stress-free with the Best massage Virginia services.


If you would like to experience a difference in your life, our team of skilled and experienced therapeutic practitioners will offer their expertise that makes for a most worthwhile and health-improving practice.


Allow us to offer you a tailor made Thai massage for you!

Massage Supplies

Great quality! Super thorough in the full body massage. I really enjoyed it and I think they should have more higher ratings! Definitely will return again if I can in the future :)




At SRILA THAI MASSAGE, Nearest Massage Oakton, Virginia we offer several different massages to meet your every therapeutic need including:  Traditional Thai Massage, Aroma Thai Massage, Herbal, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Body Massage  Reflexology each of these massages offers something different and is catered to your needs and likes.  If you have never experienced Thai massage you are in for a treat and we highly recommend a THAI Massage, Thai massage therapist, Body Massage.
Our philosophy is that no one should ever leave without having a wonderful and authentic experience feeling rejuvenated in body and spirit. 

"At Srila Thai Massage, your supreme relaxation is our goal. Our spa retreats make it simple to let go and refresh"

"Our team of dedicated professionals possesses a genuine desire for your overall well-being and will make your experience the ultimate retreat"

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Find inspiration. Challenge yourself to reach further, to seek more. Take time to breathe.To relax Thai Massage near me.To reconnect.


This first time client

specials includes your choice of Thai Massage, Thai Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage only. Call us or ask front-desk for the specials before paying.

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